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Learn how to get the most of your 12-step program

Read commentary on working the steps, growing your network, and understanding the latest slogan and sayings.

Learn slogans

What the heck do people mean by “one day at a time?”

Get better at your daily pracice

Learn how to apply the steps and principles in your life

Grow your network

How to empathize with newcomers, grow a network of sober friends, and have fun in sobriety.

Educational Content

Basic concepts of the 12 steps and the concepts that drive them

Slogans and Sayings

Learn about the various slogans and cliches you’ll hear in meetings.

Sobriety Tips

Guides, tips, and tricks for working recovery and staying sober day by day.


Personal Insights

Learn my own personal opinions on the program and how I work it.


Understand the underlying meaning of the principles behind the 12 steps and the program.

The 12 Steps

Basics about working the 12 steps, their meaning, and how to apply them in your life.